Henry Meisels, M.D.  

Care Philosophy

We provide compassionate, individualized care for the entire family, always with your best interests at heart. Dr. Meisels is an excellent communicator and is able to simplify explanations so everyone can comprehend their problems and participate actively in their own care.

Office Location:

Henry I. Meisels, M. D.
800 Austin Street
Suite 401, West Tower
Evanston, IL  60202


In office laser surgery for diabetes, glaucoma, and secondary cataracts. Lasik surgery at Northwestern Laser Vision Center. Cataract Surgery with Accommodative and Multifocal Implants. Dr. Meisels is a Consultant to the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation.

Additional Specialties

*Contact lenses available in office. *Accommodative and multifocal implants allow patients to see both distance and near without glasses for most activities. Some patients require spectacles for a few activities such as reading very fine print or night driving.